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SunDawg leggings are super stretchy and ultra comfortable. They are mid rise, coming right under the belly button. Our leggings will keep comfortable and looking good no matter the activity. If you are in between sizes we recommend ordering a size down. We also offer yoga pants, men's leggings, capris, sports bras that match as well as shorts coming soon. You can check out our size chart here.

Dark Roses Leggings-SunDawg
Dark Roses Leggings
Neon Tiger Leggings-SunDawg
Neon Tiger Leggings
Blue Hawaiian Leggings-SunDawg
Blue Hawaiian Leggings
Black Smoke Leggings-SunDawg
Black Smoke Leggings
Candy Stripe Leggings-SunDawg
Candy Stripe Leggings
Danger Tape Leggings-SunDawg
Danger Tape Leggings
Blue Jean Leggings-SunDawg
Blue Jean Leggings