Our Support Team Is Here To Help!

Please review our FAQ section first before sending us an email. There is a good chance your question is already answered here.


I Ordered The Wrong Size, Can This Be Fixed?

We can fix it but you will have to contact us before your order is printed, usually within 24 hours of your order. Email us at support@sundawg.co and hopefully we can catch it in time!

I Used The Wrong Address, Can I Change It?

Yes, as long as it has not shipped. Email us at support@sundawg.co so we can correct it.

Returns & Exchanges
Yes, we offer both but there are requirements to qualify for a return or exchange. Please review our returns page for more information and to submit for a return.

Can I Call You For Support?
To help you efficiently we only do digital support at this time. If it comes down to needing a phone call we will request your number and give you a call. To start a support ticket just email us at support@sundawg.co and we will get right on it!

Why Are Your Prices So High?
Quality comes with a price. We strive for a great product that will be not only comfortable but last for years. All of our products are also hand made when ordered. If you are in the US then they are made in the USA, with some exceptions. This all comes at a price. We promise you won't be disappointed, money back guaranteed!

How Long Until I Receive My Order?
We discuss this on our printing and shipping page, you should check it out here.

Why Haven't I Received My Items?
Your items may be shipped from two different factories. Or if your order is large enough it may be split into more than one package. Please check your order status page to review packages shipped. If you need help just contact us.


My Question Is Not Answered, What Should I Do?

To get your question answered you can contact us to support@sundawg.co. We promise we will get back as quickly as possible!

PS, if your question is good enough to make our FAQ we may send you a coupon code.