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Can you be a SunDawg Influencer? Does a unicorn fart rainbows?


First, not everyone has the mojo to be an influencer/brand ambassador. At minimum you need the following:

  • A following of 10k or more on instagram
  • Your following should have a high affinity with our products (leggings, fitness, crossfit, fun, etc)
  • The ability and desire to take good pictures and promote our products.
  • The willingness to link to us in your BIO, post a promo code and tag our IG account

If you do not fit these requirements then you need to work on your mojo. Once you have more mojo, come back and maybe we can work together.


Before we commit to a full on relationship we like to test the water for 30 days. This allows us and you to see if we can form a good working relationship. Somethings are meant to be and some aren't, we want what's best for you as well as our business.

The first step is to get a free pair of leggings. We will need to get the following information from you:

  • Link to your instagram account
  • Your Full name
  • Paypal username
  • Why you think you would be a good influencer (FYI, we are building a fun brand that promotes positivity and good health)

We are not looking for an essay but if you want to write one because that is your thing than feel free. Once we have your information we will review your feed. If everything looks good we will send you a promo code for one pair of free leggings.

Keep in mind that our items are all made on demand, it takes a few days to get the product made and shipped. Be patient. If you are not based in the US, please know that shipping times are a bit longer.

To get started shoot us an e-mail ( with subject as [influencer].
Please include all your channels (instagram, facebook, etc.) and provide us links as well all the info we listed above.

You can also simply send us a message on instagram and we can discuss the deal there: @sundawgleggings


To promote us please use these guidelines. Some are suggested but some are required so we can see your activity as well as share your posts. Here are a couple things we do require:

  • tag us @sundawgleggings
  • use hashtags #sundawg #fitness #leggings

Below is some suggested text and hashtags to use. Always word things and use hashtags that will best engage your followers, you know them better than us!

Check out these amazingly comfortable and squat proof custom leggings by @sundawgleggings. Link in bio #sundawg #activewear #fun #buttersmooth #gettingactive #whatiwore #training #fitness #lifestyle #yoga #tights #yogapants #capris #leggingsport #leggingslove #instafit #pushpullgrind #gymjunkie #girlswhotrain #active #girlswholift 

Linking to us

If you want a link to a specific pair of leggings to promote you can message us and we will send it right away. If not you can link to the main site or just link to our IG account. We will give you a promo code where everything is tracked. Your followers will get 10% off and you will get 10% profit.


That is completely up to you. Most influencers post 3 to 4 times a weeks with different pictures. It really depends on what you are comfortable with and how many followers you have.

Keep in mind you get 10% but you also don't want to oversaturate your followers with the same material. The best plan is to grow your following to get more commissions.


After the 30 day trial we will assess to see how things went. We look at the posts, visits and more importantly if there were any sales.

If we like what we see and you are happy with how things are going we will extend the relationship and start sending you a new pair of leggings every month. 

As we mentioned above you do get a 10% revenue share and your customers get a discount. We will also be giving other rewards for top posts, great pictures, and top influencers. Rewards will include additional leggings, other branded apparel, chances to get designs and new products before everyone else as well as growth in revenue share. The better you do the more we will contribute to your growth as a SunDawg Ambassador.

All payouts for revenue share are paid the last Friday of the month. We pay all our Brand Ambassadors via PayPal so you will have to have a PayPal account.


We are working to build a fun loving and supportive community so keep things playful. The more you show your personality the more people will connect with you and want to share your experiences.

We hope to see you on our team!

Team SunDawg