SunDawg [ Sun Dog ]

Word origin: Native American. When the sun reflects water in the air, typically frozen crystals, creating a halo rainbow around the sun. Native Americans considered this a good omen.

Our apparel is designed to help you look and feel good. Good things will come to those with confidence to challenge themselves. From our designs to our fabrics, we use the highest quality to make the best apparel for you. We want you to be comfortable, be yourself, and be confident. Most of our products are even Made in the USA. For the price, you won't find better.


Our goal has always been create as much value as possible to our customers and communities. The value we generate can come in the form of inspiring healthy lifestyles, best in class customer services, building positive centric communities, designing products that help you look and feel better and creating a better planet by donating to charities we believe in as well as working with influencers who work hard to make an impact.

Be Extraordinary! 

Showcase your personality in our ultra soft clothing. We work hard to create apparel that is not only ultra comfortable but looks good and is fun to wear. No matter what your style we have something that fits your personality. 

We are a small business! With a team of 3-5 people we manage all aspects of our business from designs to marketing. All of our production is outsourced to 3rd party manufacturers who we work closely with to ensure the highest quality products.

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May good omens be on the way!